Why are all these pieces leftover?

Have you ever assembled something, only to find out you forgot to install this tiny part? Or you have several pieces left over and you don’t know why. Now that you have spent several hours assembling the object, it will not work or works only part of the way…

Modern Christianity is similar. A tiny part is missing or bits and pieces are missing. Nevertheless, Modern Christianity doesn’t work, not even part of the way… 

What is Modern Christianity? Here are some examples: Christianity without Christ…Heaven without hell…The Holy Spirit nowhere in sight…Forgiveness without Repentance. If these examples had a sum total it would have to be without question Idolatry in the highest degree. Modern Christianity has made up a God that is easy to worship, never in judgment and bent sound biblical doctrine to meet the ever-changing world’s point of view. Tolerance to other beliefs is the new and most important doctrine. This false Christianity is not biblical and certainly not a saving faith. Let’s look at the above examples.

Modern Christianity believers have an intellectual belief in Christ. They don’t have an experiential belief in Christ. That is they know what a parachute is, how it works and that it will help you land safely on the ground. They just won’t jump. The jump is the experiential faith, the saving faith. Joel Osteen as well as other well-known Pastors have stated publicly something to the effect of Jesus is a way to salvation as in not the way to salvation. John 14:6 These guys are followed by millions of folks. Do their followers really believe that? More importantly, can a true follower of Christ question that? You can spot a modern Christian church a mile away. The Holy Spirit is no longer desired by the congregation on Sunday when you have motor-cross riders jumping over the Pastor in the Sanctuary; all in an effort to keep the people coming back. John 14:16-17  These so-called Christians are in attendance for the show, to be entertained and when the entertainment stops, they stop coming. What about fellowship…what about obedience to God…what about feeding your flock men of God…No, you will find little of this at a Modern Christian Church.

 The modern way is to never mention hell because everyone is going to heaven. I’ve even heard some Christians say “Oh, I don’t believe in hell.”  A life full of sin is easily justified with that thought process. Matthew 7: 13.  Judgment Day is all but forgotten and certainly never preached. Hebrews 9:27 Repentance is the old way and not required in regeneration these days. Mark 1:15 There are so-called Christians out there that claim they have been forgiven; but don’t have a clue as to what they have been forgiven of. Want proof; ask them to define sin. God’s Moral Law, the Ten Commandments have been mislabeled, misused, or set up on a dusty shelf in an attempt to be never used again. 1 John 3:4


“It comes down to a question of truth. Every false religious expression is a religion of darkness. That doesn’t mean there are no good things in that faith. It’s not an effort to fail to notice the value of these things. But if Jesus is to be taken seriously when he says, ‘No one comes to the Father but through me,’ every other proposal is one of darkness.”

PAIGE PATTERSON President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Brothers and Sisters open your eyes….. Biblical doctrine is being pushed out, watered down or not being taught at all. Look at the dangerous cocktails of Post-Modernism, Relativism, Atheism, Darwinism and the likes of Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses; they all claim some part of or relevance in the Christian faith. They are not. Christianity is definable biblically… Our faith has a definition. So if we can define Christianity we should be able to live like Christians and be defined as such; a person who believes in the essential doctrines of the Bible: The deity of Christ, which involves the Trinity. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Salvation by Grace through faith. Let’s focus on these essentials, straight from the Word. Let’s not add too them or twist them to fit a certain situation in the name of tolerance. We have a charge from our Lord; we are to preach this Gospel to the very people who it does not fit. We are not at liberty to distort it or to only preach parts of it. All of it, nothing more, nothing less. Matthew 28: 18-20

 Why am I saying this….I used to be a member of that modern church. I know what I’m talking about. I said “I believed in Christ” but would not jump. I thought being a “Good Person” is all it took to squeeze through the narrow gate. I read the Bible without the Holy Spirit and did not mature a bit. I thought sin was horizontal and not mainly vertical towards God. I didn’t have a clue sin was transgression of the law. And “yes” God’s Moral Law still matters because God is still God and He has a standard. Why do I speak as if I’m not tolerant of others….It’s not a matter of being tolerant, it’s a matter of knowing what is to be tolerated. Look, when people say they are saved, what are they saying they are saved from? Hell, Damnation or an eternity away from God…what’s non-tolerant about preaching that? When we preach about forgiveness, it only makes sense to also  preach about what we are being forgiving from, sin. Half truths (concerning Biblical truths) have this irresistible appeal to them, they somehow make us feel as if “we’ve said enough to squeak by without offending anybody, when all we have done is spread some non Biblical dogma that is more harmful than not saying anything at all. When we share the Gospel with the world, don’t forget the bits and pieces that may make you or the person you are talking with feel uncomfortable. Part of the Gospel just doesn’t work.


until He come,

JC Johnson


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2 Responses to Why are all these pieces leftover?

  1. Jeremy says:

    Good stuff bro.!

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